Guiding Principles

SARTHAK believes in sharing whatever it has with itself because it is by sharing that we grow , grow not physically but, grow in the number of people who can be reached, touched, moved and motivated to think beyond their disability.

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Sarthak Milestones

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Our Causes

Early Intervention

The major purpose of Early Intervention is prevention of disability and developmental delays. Preven

Skill Development

It is estimated that there are between 180 -220 million youth with disabilities in the World. Out of


Enhancing Employment opportunities for people with disability is one of the main concerns of the dis


Advocacy is a process of supporting and enabling people to express their views and concerns, access

Founder's Desk
Dr. Jitendra Aggrawal
I was a Dentist by profession. At the age of 32 years I lost my central vision after which I became ...
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Employer Testimonials
SM Gupta
SARTHAK has been doing a contemporary work on promotion...
Rajat Luthra
Sarthak has been an outstanding talent provider for ....
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Candidate Testimonials
23 years with 75% bilateral Visually Impaired. He shared that .....
24 years has right lower limb polio (Orthopedically Handicap)...
23 years has 75% bilateral polio in his lower limbs (Orthopaedically Handicap)...
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Employee Testimonials
Arun Sharma
I started my career as a banker. After completing my...
Swati Singh
I got associated with SARTHAK about 3.5 years back ...
Suman Aggarwal
Switching job was not an easy decision for me but after...
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