• Founder's Desk

    Dr. Jitendra Addrawal CEO & Founder - SARTHAK

    Dr. Jitendra Aggrawal

    I was a Dentist by profession. At the age of 32 years I lost my central vision after which I became ...

  • Employer's Testimonials

    Rajat Luthra - KFC - DIL RJ Corp. KFC - DIL RJ Corp.

    Rajat Luthra

    Sarthak has been an outstanding talent provider for our KFC outlets in different parts of NCR. PwD shortlisted and trained...

  • Candidate's Testimonials

    Rajni - Candidate Candidate


    24 years has right lower limb polio (Orthopedically Handicap). Training at SARTHAK had a very...

  • Employee Testimonials

    Tarun Bansal Employee

    Tarun Bansal

    I have been with SARTHAK Educational Trust since June, 2014 and I can proudly say that I learned so many...

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  • Sarthak and It’s Advocacy Programs

    For over 5 years, Sarthak Education Trust has been deeply involved in sensitization and advocacy workshops in various corporate organizations for people with disabilities. These workshops have turned out to be a place of information and great support for both the…

  • Employment

    Jobs are invaluable professional development tools for everyone. They help you grow and live a better life. Every student aims to get one, right after they complete their education. Many of them start preparing themselves during their education itself by joining…

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