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    Stories of Impact

    Determination & Success - Hiral

    Low Vision

    In our life we all want to be in a place with peace, comfort, stress-free, and a successful life. But is it possible with everyone? All of us complain about what we don’t have, but on the other hand, we sometimes escape what we have!

    Yes, likewise Hiral thought about life. 22 years old Hiral was in an incubator right after birth and faced scissors and also had a fever and under all this procedure she was left with one eye vision with low visibility. Parents were disturbed, because the child for whom they prayed was born but with disability. Disturbing but nonetheless, when Hiral’s little finger held her mother's hand, Jigishaben held her tightly and accepted her the way she was born.

    Hiral started growing; she was about to start school, but rejected her to get admission in the school and even told by many authorities to not put much effort on her schooling. But her mother’s determination not only helped her to complete her schooling.

    She grew older, seeing her parents struggling for her to have a good life and started thinking, why is life not easy? Why am I like this? How can I help my parents?

    After completing her graduation, she was focused on getting a job. She had given interview one’s, she passed the first round but all and sundry is seeing her like why she was here? She ignored them and focused on giving interviews. Continuous rejection shattered her and even she refused to choose Sarthak’s training but a detailed interaction with the help desk staff cleared her doubts.

    She enrolled herself for training for a three months course and put her 100% efforts into equipping herself with employability skills and the rest was a very blissful journey. Now she is working at Saarathee CRM private Ltd as a Customer Care Executive designation, with a monthly income of Rs. 10,500/- She is very happy as she got work from home opportunity.

    She feels overwhelmed by Sarthak as she got the support of placement and now she is supporting her family financially; it was the biggest dream for her and which is accomplished. She is truly thankful to the Sarthak Team for helping Pwds with placement and making them empowered and also motivating us to live our life with respect and dignity.




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